Whispers • Passenger

Have you overdosed on “Let Her Go”? Did the radio ruin it? Does every single part of you want to love Passenger? You should probably answer yes to all three of those questions, but just incase you’ve never posed those questions, I’ll move on. Earlier in the month, this beautiful creation came into existence. Folk music revival all in one song. 

"You see all I need is a whisper in a world that only shouts."
— Whispers, Passenger
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Dachshund U.N.

For three weekends, 47 Dachshunds, more commonly known as Sausage Dogs, will attempt to solve the world’s Human Rights issues.”

this was so fucking important

"And they still accomplished more than the actual U.N."



do you ever realize that your followers aren’t just a number

they’re real people with jobs and pets and possibly an annoying neighbor


you have real people who like you


i don’t say it often enough, but to all you lovely people who decided to follow me, thank you. it means the absolute world to me.



- everyone

Rookie Blue to premiere earlier in Canada…


Global TV has set the premiere date for season five and it’s earlier than the ABC premiere…. The fifth season of Rookie Blue will have its world premiere Monday, May 19 at 10 et/pt on Global. (X)


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Actually really good career advice from a laughing homicidal madman.